NLogSynth Pro arrives

NLogSynth Pro has arrived! I’m going to try this out straight away, so here’s the app’s details:

Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer. Supports external MIDI input via Line6′ Midi Mobilizer interface. Full MIDI implementation for note on/off including velocity control, pitch bend, sustain pedal, modulation wheel and assignable midi controller.

The N E X T L E V E L of IOS musical instruments:

  • A PROFESSIONAL GRADE synthesizer in your pocket with extreme value
  • including fresh new soundset by the trance producer 7 Skies (
  • Over one 150 parameters and options
  • More than your beloved hardware synths might offer
  • Store up to 96 own edits in 3 user banks
  • Exchange sounds with your friends by email


  • Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality
  • Internal 32bit floating point engine
  • Highly efficient sound algorithms
  • Enabling maximum CPU performance of your iPad

STAGE safe KEYBOARD implementation

  • Fully customizable keyboard to your personal style
  • Keeps all settings automatically in your preferences
  • Famous SLIDING keyboard and LOCK options
  • Double manual option: two independent keyboards on screen
  • POLY, MONO & LEGATO modes
  • Optional velocity control
  • Four different key sizes
  • Full range of 6 1/2 octaves

Fully customizable EXPRESSION CONTROL

  • Realistic PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL implementation
  • X/Y two dimensional controller
  • Four fully customizable PERFORMANCE knobs
  • Keyboard with VERTICAL modulation control

Incredible FAT & RICH:

  • New filter implementation for SMOOTH and JUICY control with 7 FILTER types
  • Incredible UNISONO mode for up to 4 parallel sounds with detune, delay and panning control


  • Tape recorder with metronome
  • Waveform display
  • Loop playback
  • File manager
  • Export to Sonoma & BeatMaker paste boards
  • WiFi & Email export

SOUND editing features

  • 4 Oscillators with 20 waveforms:
  • classic analogue SIN, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE and SQUARE
  • and 16 additional carefully designed wavetables
  • True PWM pulse-width modulation
  • Modulated by LFO or envelope
  • Frequency modulation
  • Sinusoidal and complex waveforms
  • Modulation by LFO and envelope
  • Ring modulation
  • The old school electronic effect
  • Noise generator
  • Individual modulation by LFO and envelope
  • 2 Filter with incredible 7 filter types
  • Low Passes, High Passes & Band Passes
  • Finest sweeps and smoothest cutoff tuning
  • Carefully resonating
  • 12 & 24dB option for steepness
  • 4 Envelope generators
  • Classic Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
  • Velocity controlled attack time
  • Slope control
  • 4 Modulation LFOs
  • 4 waveforms
  • Sample & hold
  • Fade in delay
  • Modulation Matrix
  • 4 Modulation slots each modulating 3 destinations
  • Multi-effect section
  • Stereo delay with cross-feed and damping filter
  • chorus
  • flanger
  • phaser
  • distortion
  • reverb
  • parametric EQ

The app costs: $14.99


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  1. NLog is the best virtual analog synth on the iPhone. NLog pro takes it to another universe. It really is the most amazing synth you have heard on a mobile device. Just wait till you try the new modulation system, not to mention the 4 oscs etc.

    Rolf & co are amazing.

    I will be buying a midi device just to play this.


  2. I second robman's thoughts exactly— Nlog Pro is out of this world, truly phenomenal and a true “killer app” for iPad. The sounds is stellar, and a Line 6 MIDI is in my future, too, just for this app. Buy it now!!!


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