A free version of NESynth has arrived on the app store. Here’s what to expect:

Retro game sounds synthesizer! NESynth is a synthesizer that simulated 8 bit sound of video games in the 80’s.


  • Old game style opening screen, and easy to start.
  • “Real 8bit Sounds” 3 pulse wave forms (duty cycle 1:1 1:3 1:7),virtual triangle wave form,and low-bit noise supporting two modes.
  • Game controller mode for geek!
  • “Sampling Effects” Laser,Jump,Fire…. 13 pre sampling game effects
  • “Vibrato” Slide your finger on a key and get more fun!
  • “Sweep” Pitch bending controlled by iPhone’s acceleration sensor in real time.
  • “Arpeggator” If you play any piano chord, the keyboard is sequentially pushed at high speed…like a game music.
  • “P2P Session” Play it on P2P with your Friend!!
  • “8bit Opnening Movie” Music composed by denkitribe.

You are a master of game sounds!


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