Morphwiz wins best music creation app at Billboard

You’ve probably already heard about this, but I thought it was worth marking anyway. Congrats to Jordan for his Morphwiz app winning the best music creation app at the billboard awards.

MorphWiz Clip to Evernote


  1. Sheesh. They need to get out more over at Billboard… Maybe because JR is a musician, as well as an app copier, er, inventor? (cough) BeBot (cough)…

    Morphwiz is alright but it's also pretty cheesy and all the patches sound the same, I hardly ever use it.

    They really should hire a proper graphic designer, and one who doesn't smoke quite as much pot. 🙂

  2. Honestly…. NanoStudio is eons ahead of Morphwiz. I prefer Bebot to MW, even w/o recording functionality. Just runs much nicer, and aesthetically, it dominates.

    Jordan is such a shill. Followed him on Twitter for a while, but it gets a bit tired, reading tweet after tweet of his lame pitches. If he occasionally mentioned a film or painter that he admired, I might have more respect for him.

  3. Nice app, know nothing about JR and don't care it's the app I brought, sounds are samey, but it plays well and the features are great, scales, vibrato, all add up to nice bit of kit.

    @ £5.99 it's a one trick pony but then I spent 100times that on a VA synth, that sounds dinstictvly samey…

    Good on um, it's a instrument you can play on a phone, for cost of a pack of 20

  4. Billboard? Top 40 all the way. Never mind any artistry or originality. Give me celebrities or blog-monsters! Tweet-whizzers!

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