I posted yesterday about Pd on Android and got a great email from Bérenger with a whole list of Android apps to try out too!

If you’re interested in Pd on Android then check out the comments from yesterday’s post for more detail.

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  1. have you tried sceneplayer on your G1? tried it on my T-Mobile Pulse with the scene that comes with it and it runs very slow 🙁

  2. One problem with some of the first-year Android phones like the G1 and, I believe, the Pulse is that in addition to using an earlier generation processor they don't have a floating point processor. So floating point math has to be emulated with integer operations — a much slower method.

    Pd works well on many devices like the Moto DROID and newer. It should work on the older devices, but performance might not be adequate. I haven't tried any devices older than the DROID.

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