iComposer gets a big update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Now supports more than 80 musical symbols
  • Easy and precise input method for finger touching
  • Import and export of musicXML
  • Multi-parts and multi-voices supported


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  1. I love this program….it's simple yet very powerful, maybe even more powerful than symphony and pocket score. The 2.0 version is completely different, it's quite powerful now and more complex yet intuitive.

  2. Is this the app to get for notation?

    I want to do my 4 part harmony exercises, composition exercises in my pad. There are not many (if any) app for music notation.

    Maybe a Top10 Notation Palm-Sounds?

    I think a lot of students need at least a simple notation program…

  3. @ Mcpepe

    Look no further than this app for 4 voice writing. This is exactly what I got it for in the first place. The new interface is amazing. And can easily do 4 part writing. Multiple staves dynamics, tempo and other such important manuscript tasks…..couple all that with the ability to record and transcribe from recordings look no further.

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