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Kaossilator – Tubular Bells

An amazing track made on a Kaossilator.

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1 comment on “Songwriting with the Korg Sound On Sound On Sound (SOS) Unlimited Track Recorder”

Songwriting with the Korg Sound On Sound On Sound (SOS) Unlimited Track Recorder

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I haven’t posted about a music related game in ages, so I was interested to read about this one at TUAW, which sounds like it could be quite fun.

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Mucking around with GyroSynth

I was playing around with GyroSynth for iPhone 4 yesterday and was really impressed by how expressive it is.

I think it could be really useful for live work.

If you’ve not checked out GyroSynth you really should, it is only £1.19 ($1.99).


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0 comments on “iShred and Guitar updates”

iShred and Guitar updates

Frontier Design updates iShred and Guitar:

  • New Music Player: play along with iPod or imported songs (via WiFi or AudioCopy/Paste)
  • Added higher resolution icons for Retina display devices and the iPad
  • Changed “Share Song” feature to support pasting song …URL into social media clients and other apps

iShred at the app store:

Guitar at the app store:

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4 comments on “NESynth Free arrives”

NESynth Free arrives

A free version of NESynth has arrived on the app store. Here’s what to expect:

Retro game sounds synthesizer! NESynth is a synthesizer that simulated 8 bit sound of video games in the 80’s.


  • Old game style opening screen, and easy to start.
  • “Real 8bit Sounds” 3 pulse wave forms (duty cycle 1:1 1:3 1:7),virtual triangle wave form,and low-bit noise supporting two modes.
  • Game controller mode for geek!
  • “Sampling Effects” Laser,Jump,Fire…. 13 pre sampling game effects
  • “Vibrato” Slide your finger on a key and get more fun!
  • “Sweep” Pitch bending controlled by iPhone’s acceleration sensor in real time.
  • “Arpeggator” If you play any piano chord, the keyboard is sequentially pushed at high speed…like a game music.
  • “P2P Session” Play it on P2P with your Friend!!
  • “8bit Opnening Movie” Music composed by denkitribe.

You are a master of game sounds!


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1 comment on “No news on Genome”

No news on Genome

I’ve been watching the Genome studio project for a while, although it hasn’t been updated since June. Even so, I have high hopes for this project and for what it could mean for cross platform applications.

If you don’t know about Genome then it is worth checking out and keeping an eye on.

6 comments on “Morphwiz wins best music creation app at Billboard”

Morphwiz wins best music creation app at Billboard

You’ve probably already heard about this, but I thought it was worth marking anyway. Congrats to Jordan for his Morphwiz app winning the best music creation app at the billboard awards.


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0 comments on “Reactable mobile gets a little update”

Reactable mobile gets a little update

A little fix for Reactable mobile, which is a lot of fun to play with.

  • fix screen resolution for iPod Touch 4G
  • fix mute gesture for multiple connections
  • fix reading of some 16bits wav files
  • minor bugs fixed


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7 comments on “Clarification on ITablaPro”

Clarification on ITablaPro

Since I posted on iTablaPro a few people have mentioned the price of this app, so I thought I’d clarify this a little.

This app replaces the functality of two dedicated hardware boxes that Indian Classical musicians use – one for tanpura and one for tabla. Both these boxes cost anywhere from $100 – $200 EACH, so many Indian classical musicians are more than happy to pay $25 for an app that lets them replace both boxes plus provides extra functionality such as presets, tap tempo, much better sound and a lot more.

Since this really is a nich app the potential audience is not as big as say for a guitar app (or some other more mainstream app).