Pd for Android

Following my post yesterday about my impressions of Android I went looking around for Pd resources for Android and found this. However, I think that it is probably a bit too technical for me and I’m not sure that I really get it at all.

Am I missing something here?

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  1. pdlib is a software library for developers to embed PureData as a DSP engine into their apps. It provides almost the entire functionality of PureData at a developer's disposal.

    There are some sample Android apps on the above referenced site such as Circle of Fifths and ScenePlayer that demonstrate what's possible.

    And RjDj has defined a subset of Pd
    functionality that's appropriate for mobile use through their Composer Pack. So an end-user can write patches in Pd on their desktop/laptop and transfer them into RjDj (on iOS) or the above referenced ScenePlayer (on their Android mobile). Or a developer can write similar patches and invoke them from code in their app.

    This is brilliant work thanks to Peter Brinkmann, Peter Kirn (at CDM), the folks at RjDj and many more.

    Besides Android pdlib will be supporting iOS, openFrameworks and an almost unprecedented number of other platforms.

    Peter Kirn (at CreateDigitalMusic.com) will be doing some write-ups soon.

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