MiniDrum PRO arrives

MiniDrum PRO from Yonac has arrived. I’ve been playing with it for a little while on my iPad and I’ve started to really get into it. The app costs $9.99. Here’s the description:

Meet miniDrum PRO, a professional drum machine/sequencer specially designed for the iPad.

Built on our acclaimed YASSE sound synthesis & sequencing engine, miniDrum PRO offers you a design that carefully combines power with usability. With 40 amazing sound bundles covering every tonal territory, a hassle-free step sequencer and extensive editing capabilities, miniDrum PRO is a consummate beat monster.

Providing 16-channel polyphony, miniDrum PRO has at its heart a multi-resolution 8-track step sequencer with complete note-wise control for pitch, velocity, panning and lag. miniDrum PRO also allows you to record and edit your performances via its zero-latency trigger pad array and event-based capture: using a clever algorithm, your playing is tabulated and “snapped into beat” for complete editing control.

Better yet, miniDrum PRO has no limit to the number of measures in a project or recording, and each measure is individually configurable for beat and repeat counts.

For even more sonic excitation, miniDrum PRO comes packed with many custom-developed sound FX, all in stereo with individually adjustable channels. Just to give you an idea: latest incarnation of our “Vincent” filter with triple pass modes, a brand-new tube-tone overdrive unit, a bitcrusher with integrated frequency control, a lusciously rich flanger/chorus with 4-parameter control and more….

Among other features, miniDrum PRO includes a no-hassle Drag-N-Drop bundle editor to create & save your own instrument bundles. Add to that a fully-configurable control matrix, bounce-to-audio feature for easy incorporation into recording projects, multiple file transfer options, a clever “Humanizer” module for automatically adding variation, and much more, and miniDrum PRO is a powerful tool for the stage, studio or practice.

  • 8-Track step sequencer
  • Individually adjustable note velocity, panning, pitch & lag
  • 4 different sequencer resolutions, including triplets
  • Program via sequencer matrix or trigger pads
  • Overdub feature
  • Unlimited measure count per project
  • Individually configurable measure repeat & beat counts
  • Measure-wise copy, paste, delete
  • Event based recording/sequencing via one touch button
  • Recordings transcribed on sequencer matrix on rec finish
  • Recordings completely note-wise editable, including in 4 delivery parameters
  • Overdub mode ( via “DUB” switch) w/ count-in
  • Zero-latency trigger pads
  • One-touch export to audio, for use in audio software or devices
  • Settable recording quantization
  • Settable rec time signature
  • 40 instrument bundles w/ over 300 unique sounds
  • Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Retro, Percussion, Experimental kits & more
  • Drag-N-Drop Bundle Editor for creating & saving custom kits
  • Unlimited custom user kits
  • Unlimited, editable projects (songs)
  • 64 presets written by professional musicians
  • 44100, 16-bit CD-quality stereo output
  • True stereo, custom designed FX
  • Independently controlled left & right channel FX outputs
  • Channel coupling switch for each effect
  • “Vincent” filter w/ frequency, resonance & all three passes: low, high or band
  • Filter modulator with 7 waveforms, depth, rate & tempo latch w/ different values
  • Tube-tone harmonic distortion (“Overdrive”) w/ amount
  • Bitcrusher with bits & frequency
  • Analog-clone flanger / chorus w/ adjustable base delay, depth, speed & regen
  • Analog-clone delay / reverb w/ time, feedback & tempo latch, w/ 15 note values to choose from
  • Custom-designed Humanizer module w/ amount, for introducing variation to playback
  • Wi-Fi based file import/export
  • iTunes based import/export
  • File manager for browsing & clearing files & auditioning audio masters
  • Stage-friendly tempo wheel
  • Control matrix w/ individually configurable axis assignments
  • Independently settable matrix axis snapback
  • Dedicated FX panel
  • Stage friendly measure & project editing controls
  • One-touch recording, playback or overdub
  • Metronome


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  1. Ha – I too am under an app attack (!)

    Can you load your own drum samples into MiniDrum? That would be a very nice feature.. Looks great..

  2. I'm really liking this app after spending around 30 minutes with it. Don't care much for the clicks you get with some of the controls nor the fact that it crashed on me but it's all stuff that I'm sure will get fixed with updates. Would also love to load up some of my own samples …. if you can, I sure don't see how but if you could it would put this on my first page for sure!

  3. Is there support for audio copy/paste? That's the missing feature in so many, otherwise great, apps.

  4. hi Beat – When you say you can Upload via iTunes, do you mean add your own drum samples to the app?

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