DJ Player updated

DJ Player got a significant update. Here’s what’s new:

We’re very excited about the performance improvements of the new update. Again, many thanks to our customers: we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your continued support! Here is the list of the new features, Enjoy!

  • new Split Headphone for Split Cable Adapter mode
  • Better performance with NetOut app
  • Waveform display, great for easier CUE points settings.
  • Automatic BPM detection in combination with vinyl vision creation.
  • New Skip to Start button.
  • Better sounding lowpass/highpass filter effect.
  • More independent controls/multitouch improvements.
  • iPod library import (iOS4 required).
  • Some MP3 related bugfixes.

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  1. Having played with the free versions from Red Bull, I've gotta say that this app just doesn't cut it. There are so many different screens and the layout and UI is just very poor. I usually stick with Quixpin and Touch DJ for session practice and jamming.

  2. I completely disagree homeboy. Having also played with the free version from Red Bull, I can say that this app is really fantastic. Just downloaded the full version, certainly DJ PLAYER and not Red Bull's fuzz. If Red Bull will pay me using their version possibly I change my mind 🙂 Folks I put some wav files on (I'm only playing wav sound files) and Wow! The sound is absolutely amazing. Very fast loading time, I'm usually playing on a pair of Pioneer CDJxxx in Clubs so I really know what I'm talking about, this app 100% convinced me on functionality and usability. Cheers P.D.

  3. This app is a GIFT FROM THE GODS THAT WALK THE EARTH. lol This is a Bad azz app! Samples, Reforge and This…I can't lose. hahaha

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