There’s been lots of talk about a possible merging of iOS and OSX at some point in the future, and quite recently talk about the potential for a touch screen iMac in the future.

So what would a merged iOS / OSX look like? What would be the best and worst of both worlds we could expect?

Would there be a period where the 2 would co-exist on a single piece of hardware? It is possible as Apple did bring out bootcamp when they moved to intel processors, so why not allow a coexistence of Apple OS’s?

To be honest, at the moment I can’t really see how this would work or indeed why you’d want to merge the two together, but just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

So anyone out there got opinions?


  1. Think Dashboard, but Touchable with iOS Apps running. Just press F4 and you're on iOs, press it again to get back to MacOS.

    I'd love that. And maybe there should be something like tipping and draging select and moves the Window, pinching lets them grow/shrink on the OS X Part…

  2. Isn't IOS supposed to be made out of OSX in the first place but with its own shell? Apple could just release an interpreter for the IOS code for the general public (just like the one in the SDK) and that would be perfect, but they will never do something like that.

    I'm not sure I would prefer the IOS apps to be only in a dashboard-like layer, I'd prefer them to integrate with the rest of the other opened windows.

  3. I second the iOS App as Dashboard widget idea, especially if they make it easy to pull the widget onto the regular desktop ala dashboard dev mode. I assume they just need to wait until there is sufficient penetration of touch screens / magic trackpad type devices.

    Technically this is already possible now. Developers can run iOS apps in the simulator, the user experience is just not up to Apple standards. The only thing that would need to change is for developers to recompile a binary that includes the x86 version in addition to the ARM version.

  4. I've never understood touch screen for the Desktop. It just doesn't make ergonomic sense. The mouse/keyboard have a number of advantages one of which isn't portability hence the touch screen on idevices and tablets. There are some apps that just don't work well on my itouch. Sunvox for example. I use trackers all the time but I consider a keyboard essential. This is one of the reasons I never transitioned to midi software because the mouse driven nature made them so much slower to use.

    I think a full Mac with iOS would be a bad idea in some ways. There are some definite positives though. Both MacOS and Windows (more so) have become more and more bloated. The OS is supposed to be what you run your applications on, it's not supposed to steal the show. Most of the features I really don't care about I just want to run my programs. This is where Windows really gets in the way, OSX not quite so much, less tweaking required.

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