SynthStation app update to universal

Akai have just updated it’s SynthStation app to be a universal binary, which is a strange move in my book.


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  1. Yep, a strange move considering the physical unit is so specifically designed for an iPhone to connect. In case you're interested, the physical unit was on display / demo at the BPM event in Birmingham, UK last weekend on the Numark/AKAI stand. Hardly any of the staff there could tell me anything new about the unit, but interesting to see it still featuring prominently in their product lineup at these sorts of events.

  2. Again, purely speculation but perhaps they've retooled the device to not be reliant on the pin outs and rather works via blue tooth. With some adjustments to the casing, Akai could then provide a keyboard that could accommodate multiple devices, all running their software.

    Just a guess.

    Having said this, I'm awfully close to cancelling my order with Sweetwater once and for all. $100 of my money has been tied up in this order since May with nothing to show for it.

    With my luck, the moment I cancel will be the moment Akai ships.

  3. I'm waiting on a reply from Thomann in the UK to see if they have any more news.

    I do like the idea that they might go bluetooth to link to the iPhone 4 and the iPad too.

    Not having much fun with the latest SynthStation app though, it keeps quitting on me on my iPad.

  4. I don't know why they just don't let you use the app keyboard and drum pads to record and Piano Roll to audition notes.

    SMH !!!!!!

  5. Somebody give me a hug.

    I finally canceled my order for the Synthstation 25. I placed my order in April and I'm and I'm tired of waiting any longer. Instead, I'm using the money to do something fun like going into Manhattan on Friday to attend the New York Comic Con.

    If the Synthstation 25 ever comes out, I'll pick it up around the holidays instead. If it's available that is (sobs into sleeve…)

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