You might be wondering why I’m posting about an update to a drawing app? Well, first off, it is a good drawing app, and secondly it comes from miniMusic, makers of mobile music apps since 1999!

miniMusic‘s Palm OS apps were some of the first mobile music apps I ever used and so it is great to know that they’re still going and updating applications.

It also gives me some hope for more music related iPhone and possibly iPad apps from miniMusic.

Here’s what’s new in No.2 Pencil:
1.4.1 fixes a bug that caused a crash when creating a new drawing.

1.4 is a huge upgrade to No.2 with many new features. Installing the upgrade will replace the first six pages of your “Documentation” book with new documentation pages (or will create the book if you deleted it).

Some of the new features include:

  • COLOR – Draw in any color; sample a color from the screen or pick a new color and set it’s brightness and transparency.
  • PEN SIZE – Chose from 1 pixel to 10 pixel diameter.
  • RING TOOL – New tool image can be held from any side and never obscures your drawing.
  • IMPORT – You can import any image from your camera, photo library, or paste from the clipboard.
  • EXPORT – Share you drawing directly by email, export it to your photo library or copy it to paste into any other app.
  • LINE SMOOTHING – lines are smoothed as you draw so you wont see any more corners.
  • ZOOMING – Now there is unlimited zooming! Also double tap to zoom in or out.
  • FASTER – The app starts faster, images load faster and thumbnails appear faster.

No.2 Clip to Evernote

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