I thought it might be interesting to run a poll on what your minimum spec or hygiene factors are when deciding to buy an app.

For example, do you always look for audioCopy/Paste, or Intua Pasteboard, or iTunes file sharing?

What I’d like to do is get a list from you in the comments to this post and then put up a poll on it in the next couple of days, so please let me know what’s important and what your ‘must have’ features are for an app.


  1. Well, the first thing I ask myself before buying, or even downloading a free app is: do I really need it? Does it make me more productive? Does it make my life a lot more fun?
    Then I look at the features: does it have some unique features? I don't care about copy-paste or record function… it's more about the innovative features, the things that make it stand apart from the rest, or make my iPhone something that goes beyond what I do with my laptop.
    Third factor: responsiveness. Some apps are a bit of a pain in the ass on my not really recent iPhone.

  2. Copy and paste, load my own samples, record song function, record w/ out quantized patterns, how does it sound and can I hear samples before purchasing, midi import/export, if it does something an app I already own does then do I need it (reactable to jasuto pro), how does it look (see previous factor), how's the work flow, will it improve my work flow and help to free my from the computer a bit more, is it iPad specific or at least a universal app, and how is the support/ user forum (i love bm and n.io but their forums have been an un-fun experience)

    The first two seem to stand out as mandatory now and nanostudio really raised the bar for compete user experience so any similar apps to that will have to really impress to get my doe. How the app looks is a pretty big one too. x2 iPhone apps on the iPad kinda sucks no matter how great they are.

  3. I'm probably really out of the box here. Most of you are way more experienced and knowledgable technically than me. I love music apps but really don't seem to master any of them, probably because I jump around so much from 1 to another. I dabble with Ableton and really appreciate apps that allow me to create something that I can later use in Ableton. If an app is just for djing or playing live only, then I have liitle interest. I want an app that is user friendly for me that will allow me to audio/copy paste or export a WAV to my desktop . . . Better yet is when i can just drag it from iTunes onto my desktop.
    I am really into sampling and chopping so that is something I'm always looking for.
    I guess the short version response to the question could have been said in just 2 words …. Sound Design. Sorry I had to ramble on so much to get to those 2 words 🙂 but it's late and I've been enjoying a few Rum & Cokes 🙂

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