viewsic1 (visual music pad)

An interesting looking (and free) app this morning. Viewsic1 (Visual Music Pad)

  • It is new musical instrument using touch panel and acceleration sensor.
  • It is a tool that sounds tones logically made.
  • It is free version of viewsic5 and viewsic10.
  • If you touch the screen, and it sounds tones
  • Tones are changed by the place touched.(left place: low tone, right place: high tone, upper place: volume up, lower place: volume down)
  • If you shake iPhone/iPod Touch vertically, and musical scale of tone is change.
  • If you shake iPhone/iPod Touch horizontally, and volume of tones is change.
  • You can set 2 kinds of tones(sine wave, square wave).
  • You can set 3 octaves.
  • It is possible to perform music more freely, If you play the viewsic1.


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