Thanks to the anonymous commenter who pointed out that Computer Music had a feature on Jasuto in the latest edition. I got it especially.

Jasuto is a deep and complex piece of software with which you can do a huge amount of really amazing synthesis. But sometimes, with all that power in your mobile device it can seem a bit daunting and a good tutorial is what you need. That’s just what CM have provided in their latest edition with a great tutorial on Jasuto.

The walkthrough is really good, pitched at just the right level and workable whether you were using the VST or a device version on iOS or Android. It runs through a couple of good patches showing you a little bit of the power that Jasuto is packing.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting Jasuto or have but have never got to grips with it I can recommend trying this.

I really hope CM do more stuff like this.

Chris Clip to Evernote

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