2 comments on “Reactable mobile for iPad, iPhone and iPod”

Reactable mobile for iPad, iPhone and iPod


iPads at the Apple Store

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0 comments on “Rhythm Core Alpha: a Music Synthesizer / Sequencer on Nintendo DSi : How to do it!”

Rhythm Core Alpha: a Music Synthesizer / Sequencer on Nintendo DSi : How to do it!

Rhythm Core Alpha for the DSi useful how-to video.

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0 comments on “Xenon on iPad – "In Motion" demo”

Xenon on iPad – "In Motion" demo


iPads at the Apple Store

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0 comments on “iSequence for iPad v2.0”

iSequence for iPad v2.0


iPads at the Apple Store

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3 comments on “InstantDJ is free”

InstantDJ is free

Another free app for the weekend. I posted on this app when it first came out and now you can get it for free!


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0 comments on “Arduino + Accelerometer =>Processing =>Reaktor”

Arduino + Accelerometer =>Processing =>Reaktor

Arduino + Accelerometer => Processing => Reaktor from Meason Wiley on Vimeo.

“This is a test of a 2-Axis accelerometer for use with a new musical interface I am co-designing with Shih-Yu Hwang. The sensor is connected to an Arduino which is transmitting serial data to Processing. Processing converts the serial to OSC which is being sent to Reaktor. The sensor circuit is in need of some decent signal conditioning, but glad to get this working!

Via Matrixsynth.

0 comments on “XENON Update”

XENON Update

Xenon gets a little update with preset import and export now available.


0 comments on “Jasuto tutorial in this months CM”

Jasuto tutorial in this months CM

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who pointed out that Computer Music had a feature on Jasuto in the latest edition. I got it especially.

Jasuto is a deep and complex piece of software with which you can do a huge amount of really amazing synthesis. But sometimes, with all that power in your mobile device it can seem a bit daunting and a good tutorial is what you need. That’s just what CM have provided in their latest edition with a great tutorial on Jasuto.

The walkthrough is really good, pitched at just the right level and workable whether you were using the VST or a device version on iOS or Android. It runs through a couple of good patches showing you a little bit of the power that Jasuto is packing.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting Jasuto or have but have never got to grips with it I can recommend trying this.

I really hope CM do more stuff like this.


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1 comment on “GetLoFi Cell Phone MIDI Loop Sequencer”

GetLoFi Cell Phone MIDI Loop Sequencer

Used to see a lot more stuff like this in the pre-iOS and Android days so it is good to see someone still making stuff using Java for older J2ME compatible devices.

Via Matrixsynth.

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0 comments on “InstantDrummer Hip Hop arrives”

InstantDrummer Hip Hop arrives

Another InstantDrummer app has been released, this time a hip hop version. Here’s the description:

The InstantDrummer iPhone App provides easy to use, customizable drum loops in your pocket. Pick a groove, tap in a tempo, and InstantDrummer inspires you to play along with continuously varying drum tracks using perfectly matched, full kit studio drum recordings.

InstantDrummer: Hip Hop 1 is first in a series of InstantDrummer iPhone Apps based on the forthcoming Discrete Drums UrbanBeat 1 collection.

Better than a metronome! Set the tempo and let InstantDrummer keep the beat for you.

Better than a drum machine! InstantDrummer gives you a pro drummer recorded in a real studio. Adjust and build the recordings into drum tracks for your songs.

Spin the INTENSITY wheel to set the mood from mellow to aggressive. Add some VARIATION to get a constantly evolving beat. AMBIENCE adds room sound and GAIN sets the level. No tedious editing or disappointing sounds, just a great drummer, ready to jam.

Some of InstantDrummer’s Features:

  • 91 MB of Hip Hop drum recordings
  • Adjustable tempos – Originally recorded at 92 BPM, but still sounds great at tempos above 130.
  • 8 parts (including Bridge, Chorus, Crashes, Crashes without Kick, Endings, Intro Fills, Outro, and Verse) many with auto-fills on the last bar
  • Quickly build an entire song using the part sequencer
  • EQ/Compressor and Master Effects
  • WiFi sync your drum recordings to your laptop with or without a router
  • AudioCopy your drum arrangement into FourTrack multitrack audio recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch (2nd gen.)
  • Duplicate Arrangements – Duplicate your sequence so you can make further changes without losing your original arrangement
  • Improved Performance – Performance enhancements, memory tweaks, and bug fixes to increase usability

Demo video and user guide online: http://sonomawireworks.com/iphone/instantdrummer/guide/

Listen to a sample of the audio from this InstantDrummer: http://www.sonomawireworks.com/iphone/instantdrummer/#previews


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