From the post at TUAW it doesn’t sound like it was their first choice. It makes me wonder if there is this kind of problem with the Synthstation25? Clip to Evernote


  1. I guess apple charges Royalties on their ports and connectors if you want to put out a commercial product that connects to it. Kinda Lame.

  2. The response time of the dock connection may also be a factor in their decision. It can be anywhere between 5 and 500 ms. This is one reason why MIDI products for the iOS devices aren't really up to snuff for live performance.

  3. Perhaps the Synthstation 25 is going with a BlueTooth connection as well (which is purely conjecture on my part). That might explain the long delay and eliminate the problem with the different connectors between iPhone models.

  4. Reading the anonymous post above about response of the dock connector has me worried. Can any midi mobilizer users confirm that it suffers from up to 1/2 second latency?

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