I keep a lot of music apps on my iPhone, in fact, since I got my iPhone 4 I’ve returned a load of apps. But over the last few days I’ve been going back to some apps that I haven’t used in a while and have been getting re-aquainted. Most recently I used PatternMusic.

PatternMusic was released almost a year ago now, and going back to it reminded me of when it first came out.

It is a very sophisticated step sequencer which has a lot of potential for making some very interesting compositions. The fact that you can get patterns running with different lengths all in the same composition always impressed me. I really like the idea of getting music working where different parts overlap and interact with each other in different ways.

One of the other strengths of the app is the ability to mix patterns using their position. I really like this option, and it is unusual in an app that is so focused on composition.

PatternMusic has a lot of depth to it, and if you’ve never tried it out before you should give it a try. There’s a version for iPhone, and a separate one for the iPad too, and what’s more, both are free.


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