In some ways it seems like it has been a long year, and in another way I can’t believe that today is the first day of Q4.

It has been a huge year so far for mobile music and there’s no reason to think that things are going to slow down in the remaining 3 months of 2010.

There’s plenty to look forward to. Amidio have 3 or 4 apps promised including, and their new drum app. There’s NLog Pro for the iPad coming, and of course the arrival of QNX on the blackberry tablet to see what it will do for mobile music.

So even though it is a cold and wet day in South London, I’m hopeful for the rest of 2010.

What are you looking forward to.


  1. 1.-NanoStudio with MIDI
    2.-iOS 4.2 for Ipad
    3.-Nlog MIDI Pro for the Ipad
    4.-Novation Ultranova.
    5.-Elektron OctaTrack.
    6.-iOS Midi from USB?

    Lots of cool things, and lots of surprises (I hope)

  2. Nanostudio's MIDI update. I have about 10 songs right now that are fully charted out and arranged and programmed, I just can't wait to dump them as MIDI into Logic and patch logic out to my modular synths and analog drum machines. Nano sounds great for an on-the-go app, but it can't compare to a room full of real gear and patch cables when it comes time to actually record the record! 🙂

  3. * Stompbox for the iPad
    * Whatever Coremidi brings (hopefully MIDI over USB!)
    * Huge discount sales (or Palm Sounds compos) of Baby Decks, Ampkit+, Amplitube, iVoxel, StudioTrack and Red Bull BPM HD Player :o)

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