Giving it a good THUMP!

I was going through apps I haven’t used in a long time the other day and came across THUMP. I haven’t played about with this for a while so rather than delete it I decided to give it another go.

It is still a great little app of the DRUMS + 2 X SYNTH variety, but it has a few tricks up it’s sleeves too. My favourite being the ability to set the pitch and filter of the drum samples, which is fairly unique.

It is a real shame that THUMP hasn’t been updated since it was first released over a year ago. But there are many apps like that which get no update love even after showing a lot of initial promise.

Never mind, it is still fun to play with.

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Little MIDI Machine arrives

Another Line 6 enabled iPad app. Little MIDI Machine is a sequencer for external MIDI hardware.


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Google Database of Android Phones

I posted on a similar service a little while ago, but this site from Google looks really good, and is also international too.

I had a quick play around with it and the detail it gives you on the hardware is fairly comprehensive.

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SoundFields is free

SoundFields from Alex Zolotov (maker of Sunvox) has become free with an update today.

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Knobs Price drop

Knobs, the iPad synth has dropped in price to $0.99 from £1.99


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DJ Mixer 3 update

DJ Mixer 3 gets an update with a couple of interesting new features:

  • Gorgeous new iPad DJ Mixing interface
  • New premium feature: mix with headphones using another iPod, iPhone or iPad and a WiFi network.


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NanoStudio Tutorials

There’s a lot in NanoStudio, so I thought I’d post these three tutorials from dekoy.

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