Lots of sites have the news about this new tablet from Blackberry. So what does it mean for mobile music creation?

My short answer is probably nothing. I have to admit that I’ve never paid much attention to Blackberry as a platform as it is so heavily targeted towards business use. I don’t know of any music making software for Blackberry at all. So I don’t think this is really going to be a content creation device in the same way as the iPad or Android tablets could be.

If I’m wrong I’d love to know though.

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  1. This isn't really BlackBerry device at all – it was apparently under development at QNX well before their acquisition by RIM. QNX is a truly great OS for real-time work, and this device could be the first real contender as an iPad competitor if the hardware is up to scratch. Certainly the OS will be power-efficient and applications will run fast, with very efficient multi-threading (essential for music apps) and overall is a much better platform for music app development than Android.

    Looking forward to playing with one of these.

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