studio.HD arrived

Well it wasn’t too long to wait! studio.HD from SoundTrends (make of the excellent Looptastic and Looptastic HD) has arrived. Here’s what to expect.


studio.HD is the multitrack music creation app for songwriters, producers and musicians. It offers eight multilayered audio tracks (24 total tracks of playback!) with recording, editing, loops and effects. All under the command of an elegant iPad touch interface. Get your ideas down fast and start working with them anywhere.

From a rapper recording a rhyme on top of a beat; to a songwriter trying to catch the spark of a song before it goes using voice and guitar; to a dance producer wanting to try out remix ideas at the airport – regardless of genre, studio.HD lights your creative spark. It’s also great for musicians who want to work out solo ideas. It’s also a great tool for creating soundtracks and party mixes for iMovie or iTunes.


Find and audition loops arranged into Loop Sets, that logically group instrument parts that work well together. Audition audio at the current Project tempo and with the current arrangement.

Example Loop Sets are included plus download access to all the Loop Sets in Looptastic HD and new Rock, Pop, Metal, Country and Funk loops.

Import your own loops from Mac/PC.

NOTE: A future update will be available SOON to enable access to both the free Loop Set downloads mentioned above plus other purchasable content via the Sound Trends in-app Loop Store.

8 tracks + layer = 24 track playback
studio.HD accommodates multiple layers per track to give you at least 24 tracks! Screen space and workflow are optimized to reduce the endless scrolling found in other apps.

Record your best … then make it better!
Just hit the button, listen to the count-off, and get ready to jam. Use Loop Record to lay down a few takes and choose your best or edit together a hybrid.

Arrange and rearrange your song with your bare hands!
Grab your audio parts and Edit, Delete, Copy, Paste and Loop them to make your composition the way you want it.

Zoom around your composition and fly into your edits.
Effortlessly zoom in and out of your arrangement. studio.HD even “Auto-Zooms” to put your whole composition in view with a quick double-touch.

Edit faster.
Edit Regions can be overlapping and layered on each track. Layered Regions explode and show an overlay screen that lets you choose a layer to edit. All operations intelligently snap to Bar/Beat based on Zoom level. A Loop Indicator/Control lets you move the looped region PLUS select all Regions on all tracks in the Loop start to Cut/Copy/Paste whole sections of your songs.

Multitouch, “2-finger” dragging quickly copies a part, similar to the Option-Drag copy technique on the Mac.

Truncate an audio file’s beginning and end points to “top and tail” a recording.

Grab a handle to Loop (repeat) a part to play longer.

Drag Regions between tracks and anywhere within the Arrangement.

Mix it.
Every track has its own volume control and effects capability. Just drag and drop an effect from the FX list to assign that effect to a track. You get Bitcrusher, Flanger, Hi and Low Pass Filters and Delay effects used in Looptastic. Set effect parameters with an XY controller to (like resonance and frequency for the filters).

Save a Mixdown to an AIFF 16/44 that you can sync on your Mac/PC and then import into iTunes to wow your friends.

Share files with your computer using the new iTunes App File Sharing capabilities.

NOTE: Currently files are shared between studio.HD and Looptastic by import/export of stereo mixdowns to your Mac/PC.

The app is priced at $7.99.

studio.HD Clip to Evernote


  1. +1 on the above.

    As well as
    -Parameter automation (including my old standby tempo automation :-))
    -Extreme Timestretch

    Looks good tho. Acid Pro on the go! I would love to see if it could do glitchy stutters/edits


  2. Thought of one more needed feature: iPod library access for possible DJing work.

    I read over the review and it does make me pause somewhat… but I think what studio.HD is trying to do is bridge the gap between something like Multitrack and a live remix tool like their Looptastic line.

    I agree it doesn't look like something you would want to produce a live recorded album with… but I think it would be a blast for taking loops from another app and mixing them in a semi-live environment on the fly.

    That's why audiocopy/paste is needed for this to really work. Here's hoping for an update that includes all of the above and more.


  3. And look at the video. “Recorder and Editor by Soundtrends”. What am I suppose to expect when I buy this app?

    I hate to come off like a hater, but my hand is forced.


  4. Answers for my questions:
    “Tons of Loop Sets! Examples are included plus you get download access to all the Loop Sets in Looptastic HD and new Rock, Pop, Metal, Country and Funk loops. (NOTE: An update will be available SOON to enable access to both the free Loop Set downloads mentioned above plus other purchasable content via the Sound Trends in-app Loop Store.)
    Import your own loops from Mac and PC too, using the new Apple Shared Document feature in iTunes.”


  5. Does this have the great time stretching that looptastic has? Or any time stretching at all? That's the big one for me. Multitracks without some kind of time stretching are useless to me personally. Thats why I haven't bought any other similar apps yet.

    Also, I think that first reviewer may have jumped the gun a bit, potentially hurting their sales a lot. I have read a lot of reviews from that guy and often find myself disagreeing with him. I don't see how an app like that at a price so low can be worth only 1 star.

    I like to see him do better, 7-8 bucks is like pocket change nowadays…cmon


  6. Beat said it best. “This APP IS DOO DOO! Thats my word! I pay for ALL my apps. I don't deserve this. I will get my revenge.”


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