Will the iPad become a whole range in the future?

The comments on this post (especially from Soundog) about rumours of a 7″ iPad made me wonder what it might be like if we did see a range of iPads? I guess what we’ve got now would be the equivalent of an iPad Touch. We might see a nano (7″ edition), and what about a really tiny one?

How about a 15″ version too, an iPad Macro perhaps?

What do you think?

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. Just give me a freaking iPad with some decent I/O! I am tired of having to try to find workarounds and buy expensive aftermarket add-ons just to do some simple stuff that some good built-in I/O could provide!

    Duh. How about:
    * a full- or mini-USB port (for MIDI, printing, printer uploads, audio interfaces, etc)
    * full fidelity audio in and out (I want the optimum quality available, same as you might get from the dock)
    * FireWire port so I can use all the audio interfaces I already have (MOTU Ultralite, Apogee Duet)

    If we even just had a single good USB and/or FireWire port for third-party audio interfaces, all these stinking problems with headphones and MIDI and guitar jacks and microphones and impedance mismatch would GO AWAY.

    Apple, stop being so anal about your ding-dang ports and open up already! I just want to connect my XLR microphones and keyboards and guitars and make some music. Or print a page without a Phd.


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