2 comments on “DIY Hands-Free iPad Case for Musicians”

DIY Hands-Free iPad Case for Musicians

A bit of an odd thing from Amidio, but could be useful.

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CreativeApplications on using Processing for Android

Here’s a great post at CreativeApplications on using processing for making Android apps. I’m going to give this a try a bit later as I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

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FORM+CODE Book Giveaway at Creative Applications

This looks like a great book and you can get a chance to win a copy over at CreativeApplications.

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BBCut for iPhone

Thanks to David Abravanel for pointing out this new app from Nicholas Collins (of TOPLAPapp fame).

Another creative music app from Mr Collins. Here’s what to expect from BBCut:

Create remixes of anything in your Music Library with the help of BBCut. This app uses live beat tracking to automatically attempt to align itself to the structure of your music (it will work best with strongly rhythmic music in 4/4, but can also have interesting consequences on other sources…). You can have automatic or manually triggered cut-ups, and bring in a comb filter effect as well for additional havoc. Lots of fun will ensue.


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Cue Play DJ Promo Code Give Away

Another excellent promo code give away today. Cue Play DJ is a superb DJ app for the iPhone and is well worth the £5.99 asking price. I have 3 codes to give away for this app.

If you’d like to win a promo code for this app all you have to do is answer this question.

“Name 2 new features that were added to Cue Play DJ in the latest release.”

Send your answer via email to palmsounds.comp@me.com by 6pm GMT tomorrow 28th September.

Please note that promo codes only work in the US version of the iTunes App Store. If you do not have a US account the promo code will not work.


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Cine3D Stereographer for iPhone

You don’t see too many apps like this one. Apart from being fairly expensive it is a pro photography app so the price is understandable from that point of view. Here’s the description:

If you are director, DOP, photographer, stereographer or student, the Cine3D team has released the App you expected. Stereographer provides a totally innovative feature: a real-time depth simulation. This tool allows you to see the consequences of your choices for the viewer. This is also a very efficient learning tool.

Stereographer is the most intuitive stereo3D calculator available for iPhone and iPod Touch. This App was designed by the Cine3D team after one year of research. A must have!

Key Features:

  • Many cameras, 3D-Rigs and screen presets (customizable)
  • Suitable for Motion Picture and Stills work, Film or Electronic cameras.
  • Different shooting modes available with detailed explanations.
  • Real-time depth simulation (theatre, TV, laptop, IMAX, mobile phone…).
  • Real-time warnings about the consequences for the viewer (pleasant3D, painful3D,…).
  • Customizable target audience (adults, pre-school,…).
  • Binocular disparity threshold warning (diplopy).
  • On-screen offset in % or cm/in.
  • Manual adjustment of the calculated values.
  • Data base of the saved parameters / e-mail tool to send the elements for future use or post-production.
  • Operates in imperial or metric
  • Customizable units
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Night or day display mode
  • Help button on each page
  • Link on Cine3d website (glossary, theory, news,…) 

Priced at $44.99

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0 comments on “OtoSketch for iPhone”

OtoSketch for iPhone

Another very strange app for musical drawing, but it is free, so you might want to try it out.


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LoopXtreme for iPhone

Another loop making app today. Here’s the description:

LoopXtreme: The complete music creation and editing tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. Create your own music using the combination of looped samples and drum machine style input on the go, whenever you feel inspired. Connect to your PA system for live performance or headphones for private composition. The choice is yours.

Use the bundled sounds from the library and combine with your own sounds via WiFi transfer. The possibilities are limitless. A studio in your pocket.


  • Requires iOS 3.1 or later.


  • Fifteen pads for triggering sound samples using three trigger modes, Single shot, Play while Touch and Loop.
  • User control for each individual pad of:
  • Volume, Stereo pan, Equalisation, FX send level and mute.
  • Low pass or High pass filter with individual cutoff control per Pad.
  • Sample start and end points and sample pitch for Single shot and Play while Touch modes.
  • Sample group for Loop mode.
  • Loop sounds play in time even if they have different tempos.
  • Preview sounds before load with beat and tempo syncronisation.
  • All sounds stay in time with tempo changes using pitch shifting.
  • Realtime linear pad touch recording. You can record your tune from start to finish in one pass.
  • Record fader movements with playback automation.
  • Easy navigation to anywhere in your song using the NAV bar, song markers and transport controls.
  • Pattern Editor to easily edit your song data including:
  • Four clipboard editing stores for delete, erase, copy and paste using insert, merge and overwrite options.
  • Editing of pattern data for all pads or selected pads including slider automation data.
  • Set Song Loop points.
  • Export finished mix or part of to wav file and export via WiFi.
  • Export live sounds to wav file.
  • Three pattern record quantise levels.
  • Pattern record undo.
  • Sound Library of Single shot and loop samples.
  • Eight sound banks to organise your sounds in.
  • Demo songs to get you started.
  • WiFi file transfer for wavs and created songs.
  • Save complete song or just your sample kit.
  • Auto loading of your last project.
  • Audio wav output rendered to 16Bit Stereo 44.1KHz.
  • Supported wav loading 16/24Bit, Mono/Stereo, 44.1KHz.

Price: $6.99


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0 comments on “D-Volution HH – Free”

D-Volution HH – Free

Another free app today. This time a hip hop drum app.

Check out the description at the app store:

iPads at the Apple Store

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0 comments on “Did you know about MIMO?”

Did you know about MIMO?

I didn’t know anything about this at all until I was poking around the website of a favourite museum and I found this link.

It looks like it could be a really valuable resource for information on instruments and also for audio files too, so I thought I’d share it with you.

MIMO (Musical Instrument Museums Online) is here.

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