What about this eBay thing then?

I need your input. I’ve been putting out a post more or less every day on stuff on eBay. I know that some people find this useful, and others don’t. Sometimes people say they’d rather I didn’t do it, others say it is handy. So does it stay or go? If you have strong feelings either way I’d like to know. I’m fine either way, but I’d really like some input from you about it.

Please let me know one way or another.


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  1. Personally I've always thought that ( unless your posting about something your selling) it's not fair to those buyers that might be trying to find that piece of equipment for a good price. Tweeting about a find now opens up the market to a much bigger audience and can ruin it for that person hunting for a bargain. Having said that though, it can be fun being reminded of forgotten classics.

  2. Just do a weekly ebay update since many of the items are the same stuff everyday (su10, Yamaha QYs and iphone midi cables). I don't mind either way, just throwing out a suggestion that might appease everybody. I'm personally a craigslist type of person myself.

  3. I just scroll past the listings …. trying not to look because they are UK based and I'm US so I don't want to see something I can't have 🙂 I also agree with Ben that once something on eBay gets tweeted then the price will most likely go up …. good for sellers …. bad for buyers.

  4. I’ll likely never buy any of them but I enjoy your eBay posts. Even with a decent knowledge of music hardware it reminds me that there’s a bunch of interesting equipment out there that I’d never heard of. In regard to ruining the bargain for the would–be buyer – what about the person selling the item? Maybe they’ll get a sale they were hoping for, or maybe even a pleasant surprise.

    Or perhaps someone with a personal history with an instrument will see a blog post… and remember that drum machine with the sticker on the side isn’t any drum machine but was used to produce Homogenic (Björk used a QY70 to make compositions), or Planet Rock.

    With all that said, sometimes I skim your eBay posts and sometimes I don’t. Do whatever you like, it’s all good.

  5. I wonder if anybody has actually gone to buy after one of these posts. However, I do like seeing them; it's fun to see the old stuff!

  6. I like 'em and although there is a possibility that pointing out listings may potentially push the price up by turning other buyers on to an item, as much as you have a lot of readers I'd be surprised if your blog posts were overinflating the second hand market on QY70s and iRigs. Keep 'em please.

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