More Shruthi-1 Kits on the way

I already posted on the Mutable store opening. There’s a post confirming that at the Mutable blog and I had to post this pic because it is great, and it makes you want one doesn’t it? Clip to Evernote

Lots of Arduino News today!

The Arduino blog has a load of announcements including the new Arduino Uno, an Arduino store and lots more. All the details are here. Clip to Evernote

GuitarJack Unboxing

Some good close up shots of the GuitarJack here. Clip to Evernote

Auteureist 2.0 Preview

If you want to take a look at the 2.0 version of Auteureist then there’s lots of screen shots right here.

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

iPad deMoon Template; The Filter LFO improvisation

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

Mutable Store opening soon

I know that a lot of people will have been waiting for this. Shruthi-1 kits available soon! Clip to Evernote

Nice Case, any chance of that in MIDI?

I know I’ve made this point before but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get a tiny MIDI keyboard into this kind of device making it really great for musicians.

The other thing that struck me when I first saw this keyboard is how much it reminded me of some of the hardware keyboards that came out for original Palm OS hardware  a long time ago. Clip to Evernote

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