You won’t find one of these again in a while

I think it is fair to say that the STBook is a pretty rare beast. When I saw this one on eBay I knew I had to share it. I’m sure it’ll go for a good price as it is really rare.

It is a piece of mobile music history, with MIDI ports right in back.



  1. Awesome. I've always wanted an ST for the legendary pro-hardware-grade MIDI timing… I had no idea there was a laptop version. Perfect for a live gig for sure.


  2. Thank heavens we don't use that crap any more! I used to have an ST, and it ran Cubase v3. Sure the timing was excellent, but it was so clunky to use. Look how long that book took to start. Ages! Soz, but you can keep your ageing ST's any day. I'm much happier these days with my Macbook Pro!!! =o)


  3. Seems like an unusually long boot. My ST's boot almost instantly. Also the screen doesn't look backlit which is a big pain if that's true. Quite an attractive machine though. I'm really surprised how small it is. It looks like a less than 10 year old IBM Thinkpad.


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