NLog Synth PRO for iPad (Testing the BETA version) + MIDI Mobilizer

Video from our friends at Nice work. NLog Pro looks great!

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. Hi

    there will be two NLog apps supporting Midi Mobilizer:

    The first is called “NLog MIDI Synth” and it is basically NLog Synthsizer in the iPhone / iPod format as of today with external MIDI support. In the inner of the app many things have been changed to support polyphonic realtime Midi control with low latency. So, it is a new app. This app is in review.

    The second is “NLog Synth PRO” which is an iPad app with new GUI and many more synth modules like 4 osc, 2 filter, 4 env, 4 lfo, mod matrix, eq, reverb, phaser, flanger etc and including external Midi support. This app is in beta and will be submitted to Apple for review in some days.



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