Mat’s Top 10

Another top 10 to round off the day. This time from Mat. Here’s what he’s got.

Note that I use these apps on an IPod 3G.

  1. ThumbJam – Incredibly expressive, well thought interface and great sounds. The richness of options and features is just amazing: making your own instruments, importing/exporting sounds, loops and sessions, Midi, OSC control, you name it… Add to this the best app support from a developer I ever seen.
  2. iShred – now that it has Audio copy/paste I use it like hell!
  3. Jasuto Pro – Powerful and complex, not for the faint hearted, thanks to the community, it helps so much having access to these genius patches!
  4. Multitrack DAW – A little tough to use on a small screen sometimes and a perfectible interface too but good tool overall to assemble bits and pieces made here and there, some effects would make it go up my top ten for sure!
  5. NLogSynth – great sounds and tweaking possibilities since the beginning, just got better over time with the arpeggiator or the recorder for example.
  6. FourTrack – Now that it has Audio Copy at last!
  7. BeatMaker – Still great despite its ‘age’ and so useful in conjunction with the above to tweak loops or construct parts. Waiting for its successor.
  8. NanoStudio – I’m so waiting for the update to really integrate it with the rest and really start to use it fully!
  9. DrumTrack 8 – Great drum app with sample importing and many clever features, I would so like to see a ‘live’ input in it, like the one in IGog or at least some pads and a way to fine tune the precise moment each sound is played in the sequencer.
  10. Ampkit – Great amps and pedals, dry/amped recording at once… just really needs audio copy/paste, just imagine reamping/adding effects to what you produce with the other apps above!

Nice list Mat.

If you’d like to get your top 10 on Palm Sounds just drop me an email. Clip to Evernote


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