Gadgetlabs tells us how to do everything with a Kindle 3

Ok, almost, and not making music that’s for sure anyway. Still an interesting post. Clip to Evernote


  1. Sort of! I really like the idea, but I'm hoping someone will show how great it is for doing something musical. Won't happen I know!

    Maybe it is because it looks like a huge old Palm OS device!

  2. @Palm-Sounds

    I still dig my Palm T5. There's just something about the buttons on the bottom that makes it immensely useful for music, games and everyday use.

    And in the long run who knows what will happen to those kind of devices (ebooks), with e-ink color displays getting cheaper they will eventually use them, and probably then those devices will be more considered for multimedia purposes (like music). I think its a matter of time before its a possibility to buy e-ink monitors (its already started with Pixel Qi, although accessible to modders only).

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