Paul’s Top 10

Here’s quite a different top 10 from Paul:

  1. iStrobeSoft – A fantastic tuner that I’ve even been able to use effectively in live situations.
  2. TapThat – It’s so basic, but so stupidly easy. Just tap the screen and you can find your tempo. I use this on musical theater gigs all the time to figure out how fast we’re playing certain things so I can go home and rehearse at proper tempos.
  3. Tempo – A “Dr. Beat” in iPhone form. Absolutely essential for practicing.
  4. FunkBox – Fun to use in place of Tempo when the click-click-click-click starts to drive you batty.
  5. Soundrop – Serving no practical use whatsoever other than I find this app to be really, really, really fun to play with. I go back to it way more often than I thought I would.
  6. iReal Book – While not a music-making app per se, I’ve used it about a dozen times on various gigs. The ability to change charts to any key is mind-blowing, and has caused a few other musicians I know to purchase iPod Touches JUST for this app.
  7. Virtuoso – A dead-simple piano app for picking out melodies. I’ve used this a number of times when flipping through scores, just to hear how some bass parts go while away from my instrument.
  8. Nanoloop – I’ve used this a lot in my downtime and I feel like I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what it can do.
  9. NanoStudio – King of kings, unquestionably.
  10. iDrum Hip Hop – When Tempo and FunkBox can’t quite give me the groove I need to practice a particular lick, this is where I turn. I just make up a little pattern in a matter of seconds that matches the part I’m working on. Fantastic app.

Sorry, Beatmaker…you were my first, but you’ve become completely irrelevant!

Thanks for your list Paul, if you want to share your top 10 just drop me an email. Clip to Evernote

A Noise Machine HD update

A Noise Machine HD gets an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Spelling correction (thanks avantronica)
  • Changing period updates the notes much more smoothly, rather than jumping around
  • Global Clamp motion on/off added to keep notes in the box (going outside was intentional, but now you can stop it)
  • Global Equal Temperament option added, notes don’t slide up/down scale but jump predetermined increments.
  • When beats turn a note back on they emit a faint radiating colored ring – purely visual effect.


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Gadgetlabs tells us how to do everything with a Kindle 3 (Pt 2)

The next installment on the Kindle 3 from GadgetLab. Clip to Evernote

Will this make a difference to Nokia

I know that in terms of handsets Nokia has far more than other manufacturers, but even so their fortunes have been severely impacted by Android and iOS and they are doing all they can do to make a big impact in the smartphone market.

So, will their Innovators Contest get developers interested in Symbian as a platform? The prizes on offer are pretty good, but will it be enough?

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BS-16i on iPad + Korg MicroX + Midi Mobilizer Line6

Great video from showing BS-16i running through a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer. Clip to Evernote

Amidio Announce 2 New Apps!

Amidio announces 2 new apps for the iPad! and They sound great. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Details at their blog.

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Distort and Delay Promo Code Give Away

If you didn’t see this when I posted it yesterday then it is really worth taking a look at.

So, on to the promo code give away. To enter the competition just answer this question:

‘What is the maximum delay available in Distort and Delay?’ (Clue, check the app store description)

Send your answer via email to by tomorrow 24th of September 6pm GMT.

Please note that promo codes can only be used in the US version of the iTunes store, so if you don’t have a US iTunes account you won’t be able to redeem the code.

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