SynthStation app updated for Akai keyboard support

Akai’s Synthstation app has had an update adding support for the SynthStation25 keyboard, which can only be a good sign in my book. I’m guessing that they are still going to have the same problem with the iPhone 4 as all the other hardware manufacturers have had.

I’ll be checking out retailers later to see what the current state of expected delivery dates is for the hardware.

Thanks to Chad for emailing me about the update.

SynthStation Clip to Evernote


  1. Line 6's Midi Mobilizer is compatible with the iPhone 4. Other interfaces like the Sonoma Wireworks thing used pins that were deprecated and never originally intended to be used.

  2. You mean the Synthstation app from Akai didn't already had support for the Synthstation keyboard from Akai? …

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