From the people who brought us Looptastic and the excellent Looptastic HD comes a new app studio.HD.

I can’t say much at this stage, but you can expect a multitrack music app with 8 tracks and layering (taking it to 24 tracks). Record audio, use loops, and effects and mix down to stereo.

More details coming soon. Clip to Evernote


  1. Looks geared toward loop-based composing as opposed to using one-shot samples (like iSequence). Unfortunately I'm not into that kind of composition, but the app looks nice nonetheless.


  2. Hi! I'm Kord from Sound Trends. Yes, it is audio based (loopish, but more standard DAWish/linear too). It does not have the sequencer + synth/sampler approach sleep needs. There are a few products complimentary to ours out there that take that approach.

    How do you like iSequnce sleep? I rather like nano studio too for that sequencer approach.

    But for audio-based stuff, do keep us in mind :^).


  3. Hi Kord, I really like iSequence quite a bit. It's my favorite music app. I think I like it so much because the UI is very simple and intuitive, yet the app itself doesn't skimp on features or flexibility. The sequencer isn't at all like a traditional DAW with a piano roll, but it's very easy to use once you get accustomed to it.

    I have NanoStudio as well, but it's very focused on the built-in synth, whereas I prefer composing using samples, much like you would with an MPC. I've been looking forward to BeatMaker 2, but it has yet to be released.


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