Here comes studio.HD

From the people who brought us Looptastic and the excellent Looptastic HD comes a new app studio.HD.

I can’t say much at this stage, but you can expect a multitrack music app with 8 tracks and layering (taking it to 24 tracks). Record audio, use loops, and effects and mix down to stereo.

More details coming soon. Clip to Evernote

Fixing the Android Marketplace

I found this an interesting article comparing the user experience between the iPhone and Android phones. Worth a read if you’re considering Android. Clip to Evernote


I know very little about this app and I can’t tell much from this very short description.

Okeanos is an audio-visual application that you can play easily by touching on the screen. A sound and a visual effect will be changed according to the position you touch. A sound theme will be changed occasionally. When the device is connected to the Internet, your play will be sent to the other and you will receive someone’s play. You can play alone without the Internet connection. An alert will appear when the battery is running out.

But it looks lovely and makes me think of things like Thicket and Bloom.

Okeanos Clip to Evernote

Beagleboard eReader

Continuing to show the versatility of the Beagleboard here’s a post from Make on an eReader made using Beagleboard. Tempting. Clip to Evernote

SoundGyro for iPhone

A new app from the maker of SoundYeah. Here’s the description:

Transform your iPhone into a music instrument.
Thanks to the gyroscope, it is now possible to play music using body gesture.

How to play:

  • Tap anywhere to play a note
  • Hold to sustain a note
  • swipe for volume change
  • tilt for pitch change
  • swing for octave change


  • Simple mode (play full note)
  • Advance mode (slide between notes)
  • Scale change, flexible to play in any key
  • Tone edit: mix between sine, saw, square waveform

4 Demo songs:
Learn how to use SoundGyro to play some songs.

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Nintendo 3DS has dual Arm processors

Gadgetlab posts on the new 3DS which has just had it’s specs leaked. 2 ARM processors sounds interesting, and as we’re starting to see more music software come to the DS platform again I do wonder what developers will do with a 3D screen for music making? Clip to Evernote

Distort and Delay video

This is a really good video showing what you can do with this app, worth watching the whole thing in my opinion.

Distort+Delay Clip to Evernote

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