Radarhead 19

This is a little video of Radarhead 19 from Franz Keller. It is quite a fun app to play with. You drop these little icons onto the radar and as the sweeper goes over them up the make a sound. Where you put them determines their pitch so you can get a little pattern going very quickly. In many ways it reminds me of SpinPad from miniMusic which was destined for the old Palm OS. Simple enough you might think.

But what’s really interesting about this app (well, interesting to me anyway) is that it was made in GameSalad, which means that it was made with a drag and drop tool and not using Apple’s XCode.I haven’t been following GameSalad lately, but it looks like their tool has some functionality that could be useful for making music apps.

Since Apple have removed their restrictions over what tools can be used to make iPhone and iPad apps I hope we’ll see more musical apps being made with alternative tools, and hopefully we’ll see some interesting apps like this one.

Anyway, as for Radarhead, it’s a fun app for making some fairly strange patterns, and 


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  1. I didn't watch the entire video because I just didn't like what I was hearing. I'm also not much of a fan of Game Salad apps because they are just so slow to load . . . I can't imagine them being able to run a full function music app.


  2. I downloaded this app the day it came out on iTunes on my iPhone 2G running IOS 3.1.3, It worked great for 1 week. Then when I synced my iPhone again, it would not load Radarhead 19 on my iPhone anymore.
    I am pissed, paid to use this app for only one week? Anyone else having this problem?


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