MusicGrid for Android

This is a good looking little app for Android that I’m planning to try out soon. You can find it at App Brain here. Clip to Evernote

The Daily eBay

A handful of things today on eBay. Starting with a fairly rare bC16 Patchable Synth, but it isn’t cheap at all!

At the other end of the scale at least price wise a Monotron going cheap.

And finally a couple of Line 6 MIDI Mobilizers.

Looking for an Android phone? Try this

Droidthing seems to be a handy site if you’re interested in an Android phone. You tell it what’s important to you and it narrows the possible options down for you.

It is US focused which is understandable so if you’re in the UK don’t expect prices to be in GBP or to see any UK operators. Clip to Evernote

Browse SoundGrid Shared Girds in your browser

If you’re a SoundGrid user (or if you’re not for that matter) you can now browse shared grids right in your browser according to the developer’s post here. Clip to Evernote

HTML 5 Tracker via TCTD

html 5 tracker from jonbro on Vimeo.

TCTD posts on a tracker written in HTML 5. Interesting to see real time synthesis in the browser. Clip to Evernote

Improving Flip Camera Audio with Mikey

The Gadgeteer has this post on improving the audio quality of your Flip video camera by clipping on a Mikey mic. Sadly you can only do this if your flip camera is flip port enabled, and mine isn’t! Clip to Evernote

HHH on Pocket Call Sheet

Hand Held Hollywood reviews pocket call sheet for iPhone and gives it the thumbs up. Clip to Evernote

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