Looking for an Android phone? Try this

Droidthing seems to be a handy site if you’re interested in an Android phone. You tell it what’s important to you and it narrows the possible options down for you.

It is US focused which is understandable so if you’re in the UK don’t expect prices to be in GBP or to see any UK operators.

http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js Clip to Evernote


  1. LOL! What a concept!

    So, I need this tool to choose which one of the million shades of gray plastic poop that Android phones come in? That's user friendly.

    At least until the next “new best” thing comes out in 3 months with an even more ridiculous name, I suppose.

    Desire? Incredible? Magic? Bwahahahahaha!


  2. ps Desire is great if you get a good deal. My wife has a Galaxy S and i have to say the screen is amazing so is the sound quality and gain….but i still wouldnt swap it for my Desire 🙂


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