Radarhead 19

This is a little video of Radarhead 19 from Franz Keller. It is quite a fun app to play with. You drop these little icons onto the radar and as the sweeper goes over them up the make a sound. Where you put them determines their pitch so you can get a little pattern going very quickly. In many ways it reminds me of SpinPad from miniMusic which was destined for the old Palm OS. Simple enough you might think.

But what’s really interesting about this app (well, interesting to me anyway) is that it was made in GameSalad, which means that it was made with a drag and drop tool and not using Apple’s XCode.I haven’t been following GameSalad lately, but it looks like their tool has some functionality that could be useful for making music apps.

Since Apple have removed their restrictions over what tools can be used to make iPhone and iPad apps I hope we’ll see more musical apps being made with alternative tools, and hopefully we’ll see some interesting apps like this one.

Anyway, as for Radarhead, it’s a fun app for making some fairly strange patterns, and 


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iSyn update coming!

A new version of iSyn is on the way! This app hasn’t been updated for ages and ages so it really is good to see it get an update.

The new version is iOS4 compliant and fixes some bugs, but maybe there’s a chance for another version downstream with updated features?


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S1MidiTrigger gets a big update and is another app with Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer compatibility. Here’s what’s new:

  • Support Line6 MIDI Mobilizer (Please update firmware of MIDI Mobilizer with Line6 MIDI Memo Recorder app)
  • Design own interface (Designer included)
  • Support toggle mode for any control (toggle on/off support)
  • Connection status icon added (for S1 MIDI Wifi Server and Line6)


iPads at the Apple Store

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PocketAmp update

Here’s what’s new:

  • improved bass response as requested by customers
  • SETUP tab replaces INFO tab with setting for Feedback Control On/Off
  • info and copyright artwork moved to pop-up from SETUP tab


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Quixpin DJ update

Quixpin DJ hasn’t had an update for a long time now, so it is good to see that the app is still be developed. Here’s what’s new:

  • iPhone Library Access (for iOS 4.1 and above)
  • iTunes file sharing (for iOS 3.2 and above)
  • Audio engine performance enhancements for both newer and older devices
  • Bug fixes


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touchAble with 4 ipads, first test : maximum control of Ableton Live


iPads at the Apple Store

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Touch DJ update

Touch DJ 2 gets a small update but I’m not entirely sure what the update is as the notes seem to be the same as the last update. Anyone know what’s actually new?


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