A few handy things on eBay for you. Starting with a Zoom PFX-9003 starting at only £9.99, and then another Zoom PFX-9003 starting at just £0.99. I bet they both go for more though.

Next a Zoom PS-04 starting at a very reasonable price if you’re looking for one that is.

A Monotron going cheap.

A Tascam DP-008 which is cheap for UK.

An iRig

And lastly a few Line 6 MIDI Mobilizers.


  1. Ashley, like in all your post links for items sold on eBay, you make out that many of these are at extremely good prices. But they are not. eBay, as you know is an auction site, and as the auction progresses, you can always bet your bottom dollar that those prices aren't going to stay cheap for long (and also if any bargains are out there, unnoticed, they are now, because you've posted them here on your blog!) The idea of a bargain, as soon as eBay appeared on the scene, imo, is dead, because you simply can't find 'bargains' on ebay!

  2. Tom, thanks for the comment. I do appreciate the feedback.

    You're right on some of these items, but other stuff does go for ridiculously small amounts of money.

    I know this as I have picked up some real bargains on ebay, and not just in the dim and distant past.

    I actually got my monotron for a good price (less than the retailers have them listed for) before they were in the stores in the UK which was great.

    I know that eBay isn't what it used to be and there's loads of stores on there now, but it can still be a good place to find oddities and stuff that you can't get hold of anywhere else.

    Do you think I should give the eBay stuff a rest?

    Seriously, I'd really like to know what you think because if it is something that just annoys people I'll gladly stop it.

    Please tell me what you think.

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