A new app from the maker of StudioApp. Here’s what to expect:

Welcome to StudioLab Pro, your all-in-one studio suite. StudioLab Pro gives any user the ability to create a wide range of musical works from start to finish using a sample based production method.

SL Pro combines the functionalities of several Krasidy apps to give you the power to make beats, record vocals, remix and much more.

SL Pro includes a digital sampler, seamless drum machine, and recording studio. These intuitive yet powerful interfaces make StudioLab Pro the perfect tool for mobile music production.

StudioLab Pro Features:


  • Universal SoundBank
  • Sample bouncing
  • Volume mixers
  • Latency detection/compensation (within 1ms)
  • Audio import/export
  • Lyrics notepad
  • Album cover
  • 4 Track recording interface + instrumental
  • Audio bouncing for infinite recording layers

Sequencer (Beat)

  • Universal SoundBank
  • Loop bouncing + Live Automation!
  • 16 to 64 steps (4 Bars) looping
  • Latency detection/compensation (within 1ms)
  • Adjustable tempo (50-200 BPM)
  • Adjustable Pads for independent volume levels
  • Adjustable Pads for independent time signatures
  • Mono/poly/gate settings
  • Volume mixers
  • Audio bouncing for infinite track layers
  • Wifi import/export


  • Universal SoundBank
  • Audio sampling/truncation
  • Pitch-shift
  • Automatic cue detection/cue movement
  • Touch-play interface
  • Wave visualization
  • 7 zoom modes
  • Granulation scratching
  • Realtime recording of automations
  • Metronome

Audio Store

  • 150+ drums and samples


  • Sharing to Krasidy.com and other social media sites


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