NanoStudio 1.1 Beta for OSX and Windows now available

BlipInteractive are one step closer to a release of the excellent NanoStudio with a beta release for OSX and Windows.

There are some things that it won’t be possible to test:

  • Audio Copy/Paste (could emulate it on Windows/OSX, but a bit pointless)
  • SoundCloud upload (again, iPhone only)
  • Line 6 MIDI support (but the Windows version now has MIDI input)

The things I’m most interested in people trying out would be:

  • New mixdown options (Mixdown button on the main project page)
  • MIDI file import/export (Accessed by Tools/MIDI File in the song editor)
  • Project import/export (Export button on the main project page)
  • Saving the state of unsaved presets

NanoStudio Clip to Evernote

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