dot E ++

I noticed this the other day and thought it looked vaguely interesting. Here’s the app description:

dot E++ : Tropf Musik.electronica +OSC +OGG
OSC (Open Sound Control) supported, eight directions available sequencer on the 16 x 16 matrix .

We have challenged that the simple operation to compose music and various expression of the music are consistent. This is new type matrix sequencer with quick phrase transition.

As you know, a matrix style sequencer is very easy to compose music. However I feel it is monotonous gradually by listening for a short while.
I thought it needs the change of sequence pattern. Then we implemented this feature on 16 x 16 matrix. (16 points stereo sound)
You can make the eight various melodies per a matrix pattern moreover change the matrix pattern, sound, scale and tempo in real-time. Pressing direction buttons change melody into rhythm or rhythm to melody.
You will certainly meet unexpected new phrase!

# If you are composer when you don’t have good ideas try it!

[Deference between iPhone version]
– add OSC. The dot E++ plays external sound via network (address example: /matrix)
– add Ogg Vorbis streaming server. Broadcast internal play sound.(22kHz mono)
– add direction button instead of tilt sensor to change sequence direction
– add matrix dots shift function and mute button.


– Song Section
new button : save the pattern as new song. (insert to next)
prev button : save the pattern as replace song and move to previous song.
next button : save the pattern as replace song and move to next song.
clear button : clear the matrix. when stopping you can also remove the song.
play/stop button : start or stop the song.
left number : the number of song.
right number : the current song number.

– Control Section
sound slider : change sound (vibraphone, harp, e.guitar,piano, string)
scale slider : change the scale (major, minor, reversed major, reversed minor)
tempo slider : change the tempo (40 – 160)

– Effect Section
rotate shift button (right,left,up,down) : s**t dots of matrix.
mute button : mute sound during pressing the button.

– OSC Section
OSC slider1,2,3 : 0 – 127
OSC button1,2,3: touch down (1), touch up (0)

– Ogg Vorbis section
max listener slider : 1 – 25
mail button : mail notification of broadcast URL
(If you have iPhone App Twicecast Live!, can play the stream quickly by click of twicecast:// schema in received email.)

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  1. I was hoping someone would have tried this out by now. It seems this developer gets no recognition in iTunes except for a few low ratings on a couple free apps. I've wasted many a $2.99 on apps such as these and I've promised myself I won't do that anymore …. so …. would someone please try this out for me? 🙂


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