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  1. iPhone/iPad iFile:
    I see allot of people complain in app reviews about (ACP) Audio/Copy/Paste.
    “All this app needs is ACP and it would be complete”.
    All apps have a Documents folder to store user files and can be accessed with a Cydia app called iFile.
    Especially handy if you have a iPad and Camera Connection Kit.
    Access SD/USB Flash Drives/Hard Drives with ease and move multiple files from Storage to your iDevice and vice-versa..

    iPad and Audio Interfaces:
    Did You know you can Hook a (Class Compliant UAI) USB Audio Interface up to your iPad via Camera Connection Kit USB adapter? Yes You can!
    You can use it to Record in Apps like Reforge, Multitrack even works with The (non-updated) Fire recorder.

    All “iPad” music apps that Record NEED to support CCK USB AI's.

    I don't Record through the haedphone Jack and don't use apps that try to make me, because I know its a CRAP way, and I Read enough Reviews on how crappy it sounds from Advanced users.

    Line 6 Midi Mobilizer:
    Sequence Midi Supported apps externally. Record midi with your iPad or iPhone. If You make music, Learn about the power of MIDI.

    iPad Essentials:
    Camera Connection Kit
    USB Audio Interface
    Line 6 Midi Mobilizer (worth every red cent!)

    Your iPad is a Full Music Production Studio with the right Apps and Know How. Trust Me.

    1 last secret weapon:
    ASD (Amazing Slow Downer) App.
    Slow that riff down and learn it note for note!

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