SuperCollider comes to Android

SuperCollider has arrived for Android. You can read more about it at the github wiki. Clip to Evernote

The Daily eBay

Another batch of handy stuff on eBay today. Starting with a Bliptronic.

Next a Korg Pandora PX4 Effects unit, but not very cheap sadly.

A Zoom PS-04.

Some monotrons which are reasonably priced for the UK at any rate.

The an SU10 for £30 and another SU10 for only £0.99.

And lastly a batch of iRig units that are quite reasonable too.

HP to bring a range of devices with webOS over the next 12 months

Brighthand reports on HP bringing a range of new devices running webOS to market over the next 12 months.

The HP exec says that the most exciting thing will be the range of form factors. It could be interesting, but as always what will make or break the devices (certainly for mobile music anyway) is whether it is audio and music capable and whether developers start to take it on as a viable platform. Clip to Evernote

DS-10 Construction

A bit slow to start, but not a bad track when it gets going. Clip to Evernote

Pixelh8 at Young People’s Media and Creative Participation

He does get around doesn’t he. Read more here. Clip to Evernote

This Second Sleep – Chimera Noyo Miniature

Nice to see a BC16 in action. Via Matrixsynth. Clip to Evernote

Recording on iShred LIVE’s Recorder

iShred Clip to Evernote

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