HP to bring a range of devices with webOS over the next 12 months

Brighthand reports on HP bringing a range of new devices running webOS to market over the next 12 months.

The HP exec says that the most exciting thing will be the range of form factors. It could be interesting, but as always what will make or break the devices (certainly for mobile music anyway) is whether it is audio and music capable and whether developers start to take it on as a viable platform.

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  1. HP WebOS Fail.

    They should Concentrate on Thin, Win7, Revolutionary Processor that can Give the Win7 Tablet the Battery Life and Performance we want.

  2. @Beat

    I wouldn't say “fail” too fast, WebOS is a fantastic operating system with insane multitasking ability.

    But I personally would prefer a dual boot option with both Windows and WebOS, so for basic stuff like web browsing I can get an instant-on WebOS, and if I want a complete working environment I could boot in Windows.

    I just hope HP doesn't continue the dumbing down of computing Apple has begun with IOS.

  3. Agreed. Can't knock it till I try it.
    From the pics I saw it looked like it ran together with win 7.
    Come on HP. I been waiting for your Tablet since January.

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