iPhone Audio Sequencer Prototype from Marek Bereza on Vimeo.

I saw this video on Matrixsynth and wondered if it was something new from Marek, but sadly it isn’t. I’m guessing that this was a prototype for his ‘Thump’ app which is a lot of fun to play around with.

Sadly Thump hasn’t been updated in a long time, in fact, it is just over a year old now. Marek Bereza also made Sample Toy as well, but nothing since.

Strangely I was trying to play with Thump yesterday on my iPad but it just came up with a blank screen.

I still hope that Marek will update Thump at some point, but I haven’t heard from him in a long while now. You can still find both of these apps on the store.


iPod Touch at the Apple Store

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  1. “iOS Abandonware” might be an interesting article to do. It's a sad fact that there are SO many apps that get a release, show so much promise, and are never updated again. I guess if they don't sell as well, the developer is less likely to support, but that leads to this weird standoff where people don't want to buy apps until the developer shows a commitment to updating and the developer isn't inspired to update until the sales catch up. Thump in particular is a victim of this, but I'm fearful of Budgie, Soundtable, and Voiceband – three of the most promising apps I've bought in the past year – going the same route.

  2. …to say nothing of that General MIDI app that came out a while ago that still does.not.work. on iPad at all, and performs poorly on the iPod touch, with absolutely no sign of a fix from the developer.

  3. @Rod

    That would be interesting, because IOS abandonware is getting huge!! I mean, I have something like 150+ apps on my ipod touch, not even a quarter of that have been updated for IOS4, and more than half of them just doesn't work on IOS4 (they crash, freeze or quit). Fortunately a lot of those were free, but now I'm less inclined to shell out money for apps that might stop working within a year.

    .. in the meantime, I can still use DOS apps in Windows7…

  4. It is a shame that some developers make a good start (or not) and then don't update.

    I'm sure that some have legitimate reasons like pressure of real work etc, but even so, when an app comes out users have expectations.

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