Nice idea from Dell

GadgetLab has this post on a new netbook/tablet from Dell. Looks like a good idea, but as they point out, Windows 7 might not be the ideal tablet OS. Clip to Evernote


  1. “Ideal” does not mean its not good at all. For example, IOS is not the ideal platform for making music, yet a lot of people are doing it!

  2. @Palm Sounds

    I know what they mean, but they also say “might not be”, meaning that they haven't tryed it at all, and yet they are “able” to make such a comment, which adds nothing to the article. If they think W7 UI elements are too small and you need tiny fingers to work, WELL MAKE THE UI BIGGER, YOU CAN!! But hey its so much easier to bash on something than go change a few settings in the control panel.

    I guess I'm just tired of people talking about stuff like that with absolutely no experience of what it is really.

  3. I get your point and it is well made. Actually looking at this design from Dell made me wonder if I should try out Windows again.

    I think I'd need a hands on with the device before I did anything serious with it though.

    As you say, I'd need to actually try it before forming an opinion. If I get the chance to I'll let you know what I think.

  4. … I rarely write sentences in all caps, but this time I really felt that way :). It seems those people are not even aware that you can lower Windows display resolution, or make text and icons bigger, they have no technical expertise at all yet they make claims about these things as if they really know about them (but they don't).

    One thing I wonder is how Microsoft will find incentives to get devs to create touch oriented or optimized apps. Touchscreen computers have been available for decades, yet the majority of developers did not took advantage of it (although there is a large niche market operating for this kind of software). I guess that will change as more homes will be equipped with touchscreen computers.

    This was a good thing about IOS, since it was only touch based it forced devs to create stuff that would work well with fingers. Its probably for the same reason some people say every other OSes are not made for touch, but what do they know really?, knowing Windows XP Tablet has some wicked great handwriting recognition, being able to do keywords search through years of handwritten notes is awesome, while using a stylus to write on IOS is seen as a failure…

    Having played with my ipod touch and ipad for a few years now, I still prefer making music with Cubase, Ableton Live and VST's. It has a great workflow, and I just love how everything can connect together, but there are some really nice toys on IOS for me to still want to use it.

    .. and we all need hands-on with any devices we're interested in before buying them, because they might not be that good 🙂

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