Gary Numan at the Roundhouse, with an iPad!

I was at that gig and never noticed that he was using an iPad. I wonder what he was using it for?

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  1. It wasn't really the music that I was interested in with this clip.

    In fact, I was only there to see John Foxx to his analogue set, which was brilliant.

    I was just interested that Mr Numan was using an iPad although I don't know what he used it for.

  2. What is interesting to me is that there is a large audience paying money to watch two guys messing about on their laptops.

  3. @ Grumpy Tank – The author of the original post can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this was a D.J. set and not a “performance” gig.

    My wife and I are going to see Numan in Chicago in October. I'm really anticipating this show — moreso since I found out he's double-billed with Alan Wilder's 'Recoil' project, which I am ashamed to admit I was not familiar with until recently.

  4. You're right it was a DJ set and not a 'gig' proper. Although I think most people who went were there to see John Foxx who was playing a proper gig.

    Gary Numan was on later. Although he was supposed to be on first but was late!

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