iTabla Pro Review

I’ve been playing about with this app for a little while and can always find something new with it. Let me say to start off with that I love percussion and good percussion apps, and there aren’t a huge number of them.

If tabla is your thing then you should check out this app. iTabla Pro is great for creating very realistic rhythms and if you’re studying tabla then I’m sure it would be immensely useful.

If you’re looking for an app to create very realistic sounding Indian rhythms it’s also going to fit the bill for you. But it doesn’t stop there. It also has Tanpuras, a Sur-Peti (Shruti-Box), plus a Swar Mandal all controlled by a single set of pitch controls. This means that you can create loads of variations in the music you get out of it.

However, this isn’t a sequencer app. This is quite different. So if you’re looking for a sequencer for world rhythms you might be disappointed with iTabla Pro and you might be better off with something like InstantDrummer Oasis. iTablaPro is quite unique and specific in what it does and what it doesn’t do.

At this point you might be wondering where it fits into your workflow of apps. Good question. Largely this app is aimed at musicians and students of Indian music and so has quite a niche appeal.

Personally I’ve loved using this app and found it great to discover an amazing collection of rhythms and sounds.

But this is no cheap app in any way. The sounds it produces are excellent, and you can make some great rhythms and music, but that all comes at a cost. The app costs $24.99.


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Gary Numan at the Roundhouse, with an iPad!

I was at that gig and never noticed that he was using an iPad. I wonder what he was using it for?

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CDM on Micro Keyboards

A very useful post from CDM on micro keyboards. Sadly, there’s just one I’m waiting for and it keeps on going back and back … Clip to Evernote

Overdubbing with the Monotron

Overdub session – Korg Monotron from Keith Handy on Vimeo.

Probably not the best video of the monotron I’ve seen, but they still keep cropping up quite regularly. Via Synthtopia. Clip to Evernote

4 Tracks Lite update

This app has been updated after a long time. If you’re looking for a little multi-track then this might be just right for you, and it is free!

The latest update makes it iOS4 compliant. It’s big brother also has a synthesizer, Metronome, Export to desktop, Export to SoundCloud, OnScreen Keyboard / guitar controller, Record MIDI, Import MIDI. Which is no small set of features either.

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Technobox update

A small update to Technobox and no new functionality just iOS4 compatibility and improved distortion sound, but good to know it is still being worked on. Hopefully we’ll get a bigger update at some point.

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Newton OS emulator “Einstein” running on iPhone and iPad

Oh I can’t wait to see if this gets into the app store. I would so pay for this app!

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