Will Nokia’s new SDK put it on an equal footing with iOS and Android?

Nokia have announced a new Qt SDK for their series 40 Touch and Type phones. Qt is pre-installed on all new Nokia smartphones and downloadable to millions of smartphones people are already using.

“Using the Nokia Qt SDK to build their apps, developers will discover a complete, easy-to-use tool that brings a shortened workflow, simplified development and intuitive UI libraries resulting in 70 percent fewer lines of code, cutting creation time dramatically,” Nokia said in a statement.

For developers, Nokia has now enabled free Java and Symbian signing, in-app purchase, improved revenue share, and advanced developer analytics.

Nokia enabled developers to make in-app purchase, enabling a wide range of app pricing options in Ovi Store such as subscription models, micro-transactions, or “try and buy.”

So will developers take a look at Qt as another potential platform?

Any developers out there thinking about taking a look?

Via International Business Times.

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